School of Computer Science Belfield Dublin 4

Bartlomiej Siniarski


Bartlomiej Siniarski is currently a post doctoral researcher and a project manager for the EU H2020 SPATIAL project at University College Dublin. He completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Science at University College Dublin (Ireland) and University of New South Wales (Australia). He was awarded with a doctoral degree in 2018. He has a particular interest and experience in the design of the IoT networks and in particular collecting, storing and analysing data gathered from intelligent sensors. Furthermore, he was actively involved in MSCA-ITN-ETN, ICT-52-2020 and H2020-SU-DS-2020 projects which are focused on solving problems in the area of network security, performance and management in 5G and B5G networks.


H2020 SPATIAL Consortium Meeting

The 4th consortium meeting for the HORIZON 2020 SPATIAL project was hosted by UCD on the 12th of September 2023. The SPATIAL aims to tackle


The 1st Summit on Security and Privacy in Future Mobile Networks  took place on the 11th of September 2023. The event mainly focuses on the

Need of 6G for the Metaverse Realization

The concept of the Metaverse aims to bring a fully-fledged extended reality environment to provide next generation applications and services. Development of the Metaverse is